The Right Way To Recycle All Of Your "Kid Stuff"

There is no way around it. Kids come with a lot of “stuff” whether we try to be minimalistic or not. I would agree there are levels of severity when it comes to buying gear for your kiddos, but no matter, what you will use and abuse some items for a certain amount of time until you do not need them anymore. There are great stores in many cities that sell kid consignment items, and I am all for this style of purchasing. But what happens when the items truly are worn out, and no consignment store will take them? Instead of just throwing them away to clog up the ever busy landfills, recycle them! You can responsibly get rid of things that are taking up space in your home, and I can tell you how!

*Kids can help with this too, it is a great way to educate them on the power of recycling at an early age!

Dish-ware and Sippy Cups

Most of the time, these items are plastic which means they are approved in your curbside recycle bin. That was easy! If they still have life in them, try donating them to your local day care of church. It is always appreciated.

Baby Food Jars

These are almost always glass. Depending on the city you live in, glass is recycled differently. It always has to be separated from the plastics and placed in either another bin or dropped off at a glass unit.  

Broken Crayons

Did you know that wax does not break down naturally when it is thrown into the landfill? There is an AWESOME company called The Crayon Initiative that repurposes old crayons into new ones which are then given to hospitals. HOW COOL.

Stuffed Animals

Every single time I squish the squeaky toy for my son’s entertainment, our dog comes flying around the corner. Needless to say, he loves stuffed animals with or without a voice which leads me to say: DONATE your old stuffed animals to a dog shelter! It will brighten a furry loves day! There are some safety restrictions on what can be donated, so just check with your local shelter to see if your items comply!


Stumped on what to do with an old breast pump that won’t see the light of day again? If you use a Medela pump there is a program the company offers to recycle your motor and parts!

Kids Clothing and Shoes

Goodwill, or a second hand consignment shop are your best options. Never throw clothing away. If the garment is unable to be saved, simply place them in a bag labeled “scrap” and let goodwill know. They will send them to a textile recycle unit for you, which will keep them OUT of the landfills.

Car Seats and Strollers

It is always best to either sell or donate these items unless they are expired, or broken. In this case, head over to Baby Earth and simply pay for shipping and they will take care of the rest. There is NO space in the landfill for these items!

Diaper Pail

Instead of trying to drop it off curbside, or in the large trash can itself there is always a need for a diaper pail. Someone, somewhere needs this glorious little stink stopping can. Donate or sell.


Most of the time these little mattresses can be given away and reused. What about the ones that have had too many accidents to give away? You can arrange your trash company to take it away as a bulky item, or just call 1-800-GOT-JUNK and they will responsibly take it off of your hands!

Did I miss something huge? Comment below!

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