The Benefits of Baby Wearing

All babies cry. But did you know that wearing your child can result in less crying over longer periods of time? Baby wearing has been studied thoroughly, and there are many cool benefits to wearing your baby that you wont want to miss! Typically babies are fussy in the late afternoon to evening, and this cycle (typically) tapers off after about four months. The first few months with a newborn can be a trying time if he or she has colic, or cries longer than average. The trick to getting them a bit more calm? Wear your baby! In a study done back in 1986, babies that were worn for 2 hours per day reduced their crying by one hour each day! [1] That one hour is much needed for tired moms and dads, so give it a try.

Other Benefits…

Security and Emotional Development

Most babies like to be close to their parents from the beginning because it gives them security. Spending 9 months in the womb gave them safety, calm, and quiet therefore being in the world is a major adjustment. Dealing with noises, and space differences can be overwhelming for sure so be mindful that everything is new for them! By either swaddling or wearing your baby you are creating a safe and close knit environment for them to feel protected in, and it emulates your womb believe it or not.

Physical Development

The upright position from a baby carrier mimics how their were in the womb to some extent, and it is good for their abdominal muscles. Babies who spend a lot of time lying on their backs also are at risk for developing flattened skulls, hip dysplasia, or uneven flat spots throughout the sides of the head. Be mindful that wearing your baby in a sling or wrap from the beginning is better than a carrier such as a Baby Bjorn due to the strain it places on their hips.


That’s right! You get more chores done around the house when you are wearing your little. I know this is not first priority when raising a child, but it is important to also keep up with the daily tasks for a clean and less chaotic life. For a parent whose child does not like to be put down, this is a major plus or you could find yourself sitting on the couch for a large majority of the day. While this might sound like fun and relaxing, overtime it becomes rigorous and can make you feel cooped up.


Baby wearing also opens up an avenue for bonding between mom and baby, or father/caretaker and baby. It is a good way to learn how to communicate with each other especially in those first few months. When you are wearing your baby they are close to your heart, which emulates the sounds they were familiar with for those 9 months. This closeness makes the baby feel more secure and happy overall, which leads to less fussiness and crying.

This just scratches the surface to some of the benefits of baby wearing and why it can be healthy for your little one. Grab a wrap and get creative with the different ways you can wear your little and reap the benefits!


Babies who are worn do not cry as much so what do they do with their extra free time? They are learning and growing at a rapid pace! Wherever you go, they will soak in the environment around them. According to Dr. Sears regarding babies who are worn, "It may be called the optimal state of learning for a baby. Researchers have also reported that carried babies show enhanced visual and auditory alertness." [2] When your baby is alert and learning, it helps them to better adapt to the new world they are living in! Give it a try!










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