Single Parents, I Salute You

...and bow to you, and would probably kiss the ground you walk on.

My husband and I both have to travel for work, and at times, it requires weeks of planning in advance. This week, I'm "single parenting" B and Taylor is on the road.

Toggling between making myself somewhat presentable for work, feeding/clothing our son, feeding the dogs, doggy-proofing the house, packing a lunch for B, shooting a couple emails off and leaving the house  only 5 minutes  late took an act of something holy. And now, as I'm sitting on the couch at almost 8 pm with baby fed, bathed and in bed, I need to take a moment to salute you, my single parent heroes. 

Raising children is hard enough with two, or heck, even a village. Raising children -- the right way -- is a long lost art, in my opinion!

But after 2 years of sporadic-at-best "single parenting" myself, I look back on the glimpses of selflessness my single parent friends have allowed me to see, and I'm exponentially humbled and impressed. It puts into perspective the "tiring" day I've had, the additional iota of planning I had to do, and the level of engagement I needed to maintain while my sweet son and I played.  it makes me appreciate the support I have, and helps me understand the struggle so many single parents go through. The times my single parent friends have sacrificed their free time, hobbies, money, vacations because they had no one else to rely on for balance. 

So, as I'm sipping a Cab (still a little sweaty from chasing my son around the yard), I raise my glass to the single parents working two jobs to cover that school you wanted your child to go to. I raise my glass to you who wake up early when the kids are still sleeping to sneak in a home workout so your evenings are maximized with them. I raise my glass to you single mama, wondering if you're doing it "right".  

And I would tell you that t he work, love and sacrifice you bestow will never go unnoticed by your children. It may take a few years for them to thank you for it, but when they do, you will realize that nothing was in vain. 

You are an absolute hero, doing the most important job in the world!

Much love and respect to you all, 


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