Reforming My Consuming Obsession

Living with less gives me more joy than I ever thought possible.

I've always hustled. At almost 13 years old, I launched my first company, while traveling around the country playing tennis tournaments, trying to get my national ranking up to get a D1 college scholarship.  Fast forward to college, and all the hard work started to pay off.  At one point, I was playing Division-1 tennis, working out 2x a day, going to class, running my own business AND working two jobs on the side -- one for a designer jean discount and one for free tanning, of course!  (forgive me - it was 2006 when Paris and Nicole's tans were to be envied!)

The point is, success and "things" have always been a motivator in my life. Like most of us.
Today, while I still hustle, the craving for THINGS has been replaced with carving out more time for racing cars with my son and splitting a bottle of wine with my husband, while rocking out to old Aaliyah music videos. Spending money on a pair of secondhand designer jeans for myself is like, an event for me. :) And, guess what.  I feel proud of that.
Beckham and daddy on a tricycle
My boys riding dirty on the Radio Flyer.
Needless to say, delving into the capricious wonderland of fashion while designing SproutFit has, at times, been so incredibly overwhelming. Balancing trends with function, innovation with minimalism, value with price. Fashion is a sneaky, sinister b*tch , and I realize now just how hard I tried to make her my friend back then. I feel like I was duped! Ugh.

Cutting through all the noise, markdowns, and sale signs that illicit my animal/American instinct to consume, I've put my noise-cancelling headphones on, tied one of our baby bandana bibs around my eyes and have wholeheartedly attempted to PURGE consciously... and consume consciously.  
Piles of clothing
1/5 of my closet -- Left: give away, Middle: consign, Right: re-purpose
I promised an update on Project 333 a couple months ago, but the truth is, I'm not there yet. It's a work in progress to whittle your closet down to 33 items!! What's been working even better for me is the bite-sized, gradual process of purging and simply NOT buying anything new. Another incredible resource I'm tapping into is The Capsule Project's Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge . Head on over to The Capsule Project and check out what my friend Rosie has to say. She's a badass chic, ladies. 

In the spirit of change and reformation, I've been having a blast re-defining what success and happiness looks like to me. I love nice things, don't get me wrong!! And now, there are luxury, sustainable, made in America options.  If you are a working, traveling mom like me looking to upgrade your luggage or handbag, but want to do it sustainably, you'll want to keep an eye on Ife Medow . My friend Toyin is ridiculously talented!
Ife Medow
Ife Medow is a sustainable bags and accessories line that spells luxury.
Nowadays, I just try to ask myself a few simple questions to steer my purchasing behavior in the right direction:
  • Who made it?
  • Where was it made?
  • Can I be sure no one was exploited, and instead paid a fair wage in the process?
  • Do I really need it?
  • If I don't need it, is it unique or special enough to NOT pass up?
  • Am I being a good example to my son?
Beckham on a swing in the park
For some reason, 98 Degrees, "and it's all because of you" is now stuck in my head. And I'm okay with that :)

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