Our Top 10 “Hard Working” Baby Products

I just love new and useful baby products that are not only hard working but very resourceful too! You have probably read the articles about what not to buy your new baby or toddler, such as the wipe warmer or the knee pads but what about the products that work far beyond their price? Every parent has their own preference when it comes to their baby and what works for them! We compiled 10 absolute favorites from real parents just like you!

Favorite #1: The Owlet

This is my personal favorite baby product, and it is the epitome of hard working! This product’s slogan is, “Up all night so you don’t have to be!” This sock monitor goes on the bottom of your littles foot, and it reads their oxygen levels and their heart rate. I literally can’t go to sleep without it on my son’s foot at night. It brings such a peace of mind to me when I check the app to see his levels. There is a cool dock that also goes by your bed that lights up different colors depending on the sock readings. If the dock is green it means the readings are stable, if it is yellow the sock has been disconnected and it sings a song, and if it is red there is a problem of some sort which will sound an alarm. It retails at $299.99 and is an investment for sure, but worth it!

Favorite #2: The Nose Frida

Before I was a mom I thought this was the grossest invention ever. Now that I am a mom, I am so thankful for this little snot sucker! No, you do not inhale snot I promise! It retails for $15.99 and it can be found at many large retailers around the country.

Favorite #3: SproutFit Clothes

I wash, and rewash these items a few times per week. The bamboo fabric is so buttery soft, it literally slips over my baby’s head and arms so effortlessly. I just love how easy the items are to put on, which makes a happy baby and a happy mama! Did I mention these clothes grow with your child? You will have this item from 0-12 months, or 12-24 months. Now that is a hard working product! The different items range from $38-$46 dollars and are found only online.

Favorite #4: Dock- A-Tot

Hard working for sure, this little sleep dock does wonders for your child’s sleep (and your’s too). The dock is highly portable, meaning you can take it virtually anywhere and your child has a familiar and safe place to sleep. The cover can be washed and cleaned easily, which is nice for when the baby spits up or has an accident! It comes in two sizes: the deluxe (5-22 pounds) $175, and the grand (22-40 pounds) $275. They are sold in select stores as well as online.

Favorite #5: Boppy Pillow

This item was another fan favorite amongst the new moms! There are two style Boppy pillows the nursing U shaped pillow, and the regular Boppy. No matter which pillow you enjoy, they are a must have baby item! They retail anywhere from $30-$40 and can take a beating!

Favorite #6: Breast Pump

Can I get an amen for the breast pump? Can you imagine life before the pump? It surely works overtime to make sure no milk is lost, and your little one can eat even when you return to work! This is an overachiever by far, and it comes free with most insurances (score)! If you have to buy one retail they range anywhere from $100-$300 dollars depending on the brand. The tried and true Medela pump is a gem, and it holds up even with the most vigorous beatings! 

Favorite #7: Dohm Sound Machine

This sound machine is a lifesaver when your little one needs to be settled down, and it doesn’t turn off after a certain amount of hours either. I think we leave ours running long past when we wake up too because it keeps our son calm even during the daytime! This little machine works overtime making sure your sweet babe sleeps just as soundly as they did in the womb! Retail they are sold all over the place, as well as online and they cost $49.99.

Favorite #8: The Sit Me Up Chair

When running a poll on the best baby items that work overtime, this one kept getting brought up! Many moms rave that it is a great transitional seat from newborn to being able to sit up on their own. Cheers to being able to do the dishes while your little is content!  It is very cost effective and can be found in many large retail stores costing $35-$40.

Favorite #9: Ubi Diaper Pail

This hard working diaper pail does not require that you buy expensive trash bag liners, and it comes with a child lock on the top! Available in 12 different colors, this amazing steel can will keep all of the odors out all while meeting the needs of the eco-conscious parent. It is available everywhere from $79.99.

Favorite #10: Wubbanub Pacifier 

This cute little pacifier has a plush stuffed animal attached to the binky itself, and it is easy for a little one to hold onto. A crowd favorite amongst many moms, this cost efficient binky will soothe your little and work overtime making sure they are comforted whether it be in the car, on the go, or at home. 

Other Mentionable's: 

  • Zutano Booties
  • Diaper Dekor
  • Essential Oils
  • Baby Carriers (Moby, Nesting Days, Solly Wrap, Lille Baby Carrier)
  • Phil & Ted High Chair
  • Inglesina To Go High Chair
  • Rock and Play
  • Mama Roo Swing

Do you have any other ideas that would help other fellow parents? If so, comment below and let us know what your favorite hard working baby item is!





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