Minimalism Quest and Commitment

Clutter and "things" have been suffocating me lately.  Being a first-time mother of a now 2 year old, I've been starting to itch thinking about the stuff we've accumulated.

Before Beckham came along, Taylor and I constantly donated our pre-loved belongings and kept our item count low (and experience count high!) :)

My dad always said "less is more", and I've lived by that mantra... until adding a baby and second dog to the family happened! 

A friend and fellow Factory 45'er, Danielle Magee, recently inspired me with her guest post  "Become a Master Minimalist - 5 Tips to Help You Make Do with Less" , which was featured on  Eco Warrior Princess .  It was a quick, fantastic read, and came at the perfect time for me!

To begin, she boils it down to a few key activities:

  1. Identify and write down your essentials -- being as descriptive as possible will help you keep only what you really need
  2. Ask yourself what adds value VS. what is collecting dust 
  3. Get rid of the excess -- but avoid throwing anything away: donate or sell instead!
  4. Consume less by buying consciously -- less is always more when you do it right :)
  5. Minimize your waste -- the more we keep out of landfills, the happier our planet will be

Today, I'm committing to minimizing the baby things we have lying around the house collecting dust, but ALSO the things in my closet that could be loved and used by someone else.   Project 333 will be my guide as I attempt to wittle my wardrobe down and live more simply. 

I will update you all along the way!!

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