Bamboozled! What You May Not Know About Bamboo.

It took me months of fabric hunting before finding the perfect bamboo blend to use for SproutFit. 

There were so many "must haves". You can image, right?! Not only did it have to be functional to help deliver the adjustable features, it had to be soft, it had to be eco-friendly, and it had to wash well over time with proper care.

Here are some incredible facts I discovered along the way:

STAY OFF THE GRASS. Unless it's bamboo, of course! Bamboo is actually a grass which explains why it grows so quickly. In fact, bamboo matures in 3-5 years making it one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. The fastest recorded growth was 47.6" in just one day! 

ORGANIC BEFORE IT WAS A BUZZWORD. Bamboo is one of the most organically sustainable resources on the planet! It doesn't require pesticides, herbicides and even replants itself.

GREENHOUSE GASES GOT YOU DOWN? Bamboo actually absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen back into the environment than the same stand of hardwood trees.

SOFT and HYPOALLERGENIC. Twice as soft as cotton, bamboo is luxuriously comfortable against even the most sensitive skin. And remember: no harsh chemicals or pesticides during the growth process makes for happy baby skin. 

COOL in more ways than one! Bamboo is naturally moisture-wicking and 3 degrees cooler than cotton. It also has thermo-regulating properties making it perfect to keep babies cool in the summer and warm in chillier months. 

CLEAN. Bamboo naturally repels odors and allergens, and has anti-bacterial properties -- literally, a mom's dream come true! 

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