Amidst #MOMFAILS, I'm Claiming THIS #MOMWIN

toddler lunch with lasagna and banana
A typical "loo-nch": meat and veg lasagna leftovers, Happy Family, Lara Bars squished into "cookies", fresh produce.
If you know me at all (and believe me, you'll get to know me better as the months roll on), you know that I love food.

I love the passion, I love the artistry, I love watching my husband cook, I love being at my parents' house watching the orchestra of feeding 25+ people for their "casual get togethers". I love swooning over my mother-in-law's pecan pies and soaking up any southern belle cooking tips she's willing to dole out.

Yep, I'm a lucky girl.

In my first, blurry-AF weeks on maternity leave, my husband Taylor made me breakfast. every. single. morning. I'm talking hash browns in bacon fat, cheesy eggs, waffles and coffee. The stuff that mommy milk is made of, I say!  That quickly morphed into him taking over dinners full-time, and to this day (2 year later), he still cooks me dinner. every. single. night (unless he's traveling of course, and then I scrounge).

So, ever since our son transitioned to solid foods full-time,  I've been committed to starting his day out with the same nourishment that my husband gave/gives to me, and that my family is so well-loved and known for. 

To make things quick and easy for breakfasts in the morning, my favorite thing is to chop up my husband's perfectly marinated tri-tip, leftover sweet potatoes, potatoes and zucchini from the weekend and mix it with a bit of coconut flour and eggs, bake it in a cupcake pan and freeze it for delicious, on-the-go breakfasts. 

And while our awesome daycare (Teresa, Teryrus, Wendee, and Monique!) always provides lunch and snacks, I just cannot give up that special little part of my week that is dedicated to making sure Beckham's belly is full and his brain is fed. We usually pack up leftovers (which teaches him zero-waste/minimalism in the most elementary way!), and add-in fruit/veggie snacks from Happy Family, protein, carbs and good fats. The kid love his avocados, lemme tell ya.

So, I'm super proud of making B's loo-nch (that's what he calls it now-a-days). every. single. day. I love when he wants to carry his lunch box up the steps at daycare and wants to dig in before the day starts. 

I don't usually give myself #momwins and mommy stars, but maybe we should try to highlight our strengths and wins more often, eh mamas?

How are YOU killin' your mama game right now?  Send me a note!

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